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Christen Wags

Overheating is often my limiting factor in workouts, which negatively affects my performance. I have had several heat-related injuries in the past from military training

Daniel Tyminski

Have been working with this new product that helps you prolong your workouts. dhamaUSA prevents over-heating which causes fatigue and exhaustion. Totally wish I had

Elijah EZ Muhammad

Training in my dhamaUSA band! Trying to push hard and stay cool! It is crazy how simple the dhamaSPORT is and well it works, I

Christopher Negoescu

Love it. Awesome WOD tonight and so happy with my dhamaUSA cryoband. This new technology is amazing. I’ve been using my dhamaUSA band for four

Christine Kennedy

As a master women’s runner, time is of the essence. In November 2015 I added a sixth crown to my wins, running a 1:27:26 half

Bill Stronger

I bought your band a couple of days ago at the Delray Beach Open. Interestingly, I didn’t perspire through my shirt today which is really

Kyle Reno

I won my dhamaSPORT at Wodapalooza and I have never been more pleased with it. It was like a lotto ticket. I haven’t worked out

Paul Tyson

I used the sport during the second leg of my full marathon and with a head wind I actually outpaced my first half times. Really

Diana Greene

I have used the band twice. My first time was during a barbell strength class wear I wore it the entire time. This is not