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A pioneer in intelligent thermal comfort wearable solutions.

We are passionate about equipping our consumers with cutting edge innovation to enable them to push beyond their boundaries while also limiting adverse effects to their health and safety.

To enhance quality of life and improve performance

The tedious repetition of dressing up every day in uncomfortable layers led Kranthi to create a technology that can cool or heat instantly. Soon he dived deeper into understanding how thermal comfort affects human functioning. Simply put, do we function better at certain temperatures?

After two and a half years of research and development, dhamaSPORT was born. They tested their patented products on athletes and workout enthusiasts who reported better performance by using dhamaSPORT products.

The products come in two categories: Cooling products and heating products. They work by regulating your body temperature and optimizing energy output and the heating products help in pain management.

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patented technology

ClimaCon Technology, which is the heart of dhamaSPORT was created from a need to feel comfortable in any weather conditions. Our founder, Kranthi Vistakula While pursuing his masters @MIT Boston, he used to walk from his dormitory to attend classes on campus because he used to miss the bus. In winter, the temperatures were -5 deg C and he had to wear multiple layers of clothing. As soon as he entered the campus everything was heated and had to remove all the layers and carry them with him all day.

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