Ultra-compact and Efficient Temperature Control Technology

All our products are powered by our Proprietary, Patented, Ultra-compact and Efficient Temperature Control Technology which can achieve temperatures between 0°C – 60°C(32°F – 140°F) in seconds.

Proprietary and Patented

PATENT : 8397518 B1
PATENT : 9272647 B2

Instant Cooling on touch

Desired Temperature is achieved in < 3 seconds

Efficient battery life

Up to 4 hours battery life

Compact and Lightweight

weight < 30 grams;
l*b*h : 30mm*30mm*20mm

Wide Temperature Range

0°C - 60°C
32°F - 140°F

proven technology

The dhamaSPORT wristband has been proven to enhance performance, power and recovery.

dhamaSPORT is powered by patented Climacon technology. ClimaCon® technology incorporates novel and efficient heat transport mechanisms that remove/add heat to provide thermal comfort to the body. It adapts principles of Peltier effect, embedding thermoelectric unit with the geometrically optimized heat sinks. Highly efficient thermoelectric unit accompanied with high heat transfer coefficients is the engine that drives the system.

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