those abs.

Less burnout, More workout

Increase your repetitions with dhamaSPORT products created to help you work out longer at the gym.

More gym-time

Significantly increase your workout time with our wristband that cools you down before you feel like giving up. Heat causes exhaustion, so beat the heat.


Channel your inner-beast and take-up high-intensity workouts to build those abs. With dhama, experience a complete transformation in energy level.

Goodbye soreness

After an intense game, most athletes force themselves into ice baths to cool-down to reduce soreness. Our wristband is a mini ice bath for gym-goers.

Slowdown the burnout

When you use the wristband during your workout, your body can lower its temperature, which significantly slows down the burnout rate. A healthier way to exercise!

We don't measure performance,
we improve it.

Experience a 10% increase in calorie burn, better workouts, and less exhaustion. Our products are designed to be wearable gym tech that helps build those abs, increase your core strength, or perform High-intensity interval training minus the heat.

Powerful battery life

Lightweight and stylish

One button for three levels


Hear from our experienced clients

Daniel Tyminski

CrossFit Games Competitor

Have been working with this new product that helps you prolong your workouts. dhamaUSA prevents over-heating which causes fatigue and exhaustion. Totally wish I had this during Murph at the CrossFit games. The dhamaSPORT works great in hot conditions, I like it on the coldest settings brings my core temperature down crazy fast.

Heat your way to pain relief

Say goodbye to post-workout pains with moist heat therapy. Our unique technology provides instant relief with just the touch of a button. Enjoy three levels of heating to reduce inflammation and soreness.