run faster
run longer!

Increase your pace and stay strong

dhamaSPORT products designed for competitive runners and marathoners. Instantly fight heat-exhaustion to keep up your pace and energy levels on the racetrack.

Run more, sweat less

When you run, your heart and lungs work extra hard. Increase your training time and endurance by cooling down.

Faster recovery

Say goodbye to muscle soreness and fatigue. Our products are designed for professional athletes who need to recover quickly after an intense training session.

Stay Alert

Physical exhaustion means mental tiredness. Being alert helps avoid injuries and accidents—the cooldown for a fitter body and a healthier mind.

Less burnout

A cooler body-temperature leads to better performance and less burnout. Run for miles without the exhaustion!

We don't measure performance,
we improve it.

Intense workouts can leave you feeling exhausted, sweaty, and confused. The trick is to cool down before you feel the heat exhaustion. Maintain a wide core to the skin temperature gradient, facilitating internal heat transfer and expelling heat out via the body’s natural quick cooling point.

Save 10 seconds in a 10K run

Reduce core body temperature by 0.5°C

Increase Aerobic Capacity by 30%


Hear from our experienced clients

Daniel Tyminski

CrossFit Games Competitor

Have been working with this new product that helps you prolong your workouts. dhamaUSA prevents over-heating which causes fatigue and exhaustion. Totally wish I had this during Murph at the CrossFit games. The dhamaSPORT works great in hot conditions, I like it on the coldest settings brings my core temperature down crazy fast.