Aaron Hanna
CrossFit Games Athlete
I can feel the DhamaSPORT cooling my body down.
Danielle Szpindor
Crossfit Games Athlete
I love the recovery band. I use during my workouts and for a quick recovery. I have seen a huge difference in my workouts when it comes to body temp raising. Love it and thank you guys!
Kelvin Sheppard
Miami Dolphins Linebacker
I definitely feel the difference after [the first half of my workout; the dhamaSPORT helps me recover fast for the second half.


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Christen Wags
CrossFit Games Athlete

Overheating is often my limiting factor in workouts, which negatively affects my performance. I have had several heat-related injuries in the past from military training and personal endeavors, leaving me more susceptible to the effects of heat. I was absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to try out the dhamaUSA dhamaSPORT thermoregulatory wristband at Wodapalooza, and I’ve been using it in my training ever since! The wristband cools my core temperature during and after workouts, which makes me feel mentally and physically strong.

I absolutely love the dhamaSPORT and the increased drive I have in my workouts while wearing it! After using dhamaSPORT for the first time, I was absolutely hooked! I feel physically stronger and more resilient in longer workouts where I typically would feel fatigue and nausea.

Daniel Tyminski
CrossFit Games Competitor

Have been working with this new product that helps you prolong your workouts. dhamaUSA prevents over-heating which causes fatigue and exhaustion. Totally wish I had this during Murph at the CrossFit games. The dhamaSPORT works great in hot conditions, I like it on the coldest settings brings my core temperature down crazy fast.

Elijah EZ Muhammad
CrossFit Games Competitor

Training in my dhamaUSA band! Trying to push hard and stay cool! It is crazy how simple the dhamaSPORT is and well it works, I like it.

Christopher Negoescu
CrossFit Games Competitor

Love it. Awesome WOD tonight and so happy with my dhamaUSA cryoband. This new technology is amazing. I’ve been using my dhamaUSA band for four days before I crossfit and olylift. This band will truly make you dance!

Christine Kennedy
Professional Distance Runner

As a master women’s runner, time is of the essence. In November 2015 I added a sixth crown to my wins, running a 1:27:26 half marathon while wearing dhamaUSA’s latest product – dhamaSPORT.

My time was 15 minutes under the old course record for women in my age division. Not once did I become overheated, and by mile nine I felt just as refreshed as I did during mile two! The day after the race I felt as if I hadn’t even run, due to the product’s amazing recovery benefits. dhamaSPORT has become crucial in my recovery plan, and it enhances all of the aspects I rely on for success. I can’t rave enough about this product and encourage all my friends to test it out for themselves.

Bill Stronger
Tennis Player

I bought your band a couple of days ago at the Delray Beach Open. Interestingly, I didn’t perspire through my shirt today which is really strange and that didn’t happen two days in a row. This may be working better than I expected!

Scott Panchick
Crossfit Games Competitor

I am loving it! I noticed a big difference today.

Kyle Reno
dhamaSPORT Prize Recipient

I won my dhamaSPORT at Wodapalooza and I have never been more pleased with it. It was like a lotto ticket. I haven’t worked out without it since I won it. It’s amazing how I keep my body temp down during my wods. Can’t wait for summer, thanks Dhama.

Paul Tyson
Professional Runner

I used the sport during the second leg of my full marathon and with a head wind I actually outpaced my first half times. Really felt a difference in my fatigue and body temp. Thanks for the demo and can’t wait to have my own.

Diana Greene
Cloud9World Director

I have used the band twice. My first time was during a barbell strength class wear I wore it the entire time. This is not a high-intensity class so your heart rate stays pretty consistent but does fluctuate when doing whole-body movements.

As I progressed through the class, I increased the cold temp and found it to provide me with energy.

The heat being drawn from my body was very apparent. The second time I used it was after a kickboxing class. I immediately put it on for about 45 min after my workout. Immediately I felt the heat being drawn out and felt great afterwards.I would like to try it in a hot yoga class and again in some other HIIT classes.