ride cooler & faster.

Ride faster, reduce exhaustion

Our product is the perfect partner for your circuit training and cross-training sessions. Keeping you cool while you ride!


Heat exhaustion from intense training can leave you dizzy and sore. Cooldown for a better workout.

Do more, sweet less

Increase your time on the bike by cooling down on the go. Do more with your workout and training.


Excessive body temperature can cause dizziness and disorientation. Cooldown and enjoy your rides better.


Gradually increase your speed with better workouts facilitated by the dhamaSPORT products.

We make it easier for you to go faster and longer.

Products built for pro-cyclists to increase core-strength and efficiency on the bike. Now cool down on the go without the need to stop.

Energy-efficient for longer rides

Comfortable wear

Powerful battery life


Hear from our experienced clients

Daniel Tyminski

CrossFit Games Competitor

Have been working with this new product that helps you prolong your workouts. dhamaUSA prevents over-heating which causes fatigue and exhaustion. Totally wish I had this during Murph at the CrossFit games. The dhamaSPORT works great in hot conditions, I like it on the coldest settings brings my core temperature down crazy fast.