Placing a cooling device on your wrist helps lower body temperature naturally.


The smart thermostat

The dhamaSPORT wristband is a novel product with patented technology. It accelerates the body’s natural cooling mechanism by removing body heat from the blood passing through the wrist. This cooling effect postpones the onset of fatigue and maintains mental alertness. Delaying fatigue allows you to perform at peak levels for longer, resulting in greater endurance.

3sec cooldown

Designed for comfort

The stylish band fits you comfortably and is lightweight so that you can workout without any hassle.

Three levels of cooling

Reach up to three levels of cooling with just one push button.


The wristband has been designed to enhance your workouts. Feel the difference with the first use!

Competitive rates

Designed for pro-athletes and workout enthusiasts, the smart wristband is available for a very competitive 199!

dhamaSPORT WRISTBAND  ~  Type C cable with charge indication  ~  User manual  ~  Travel bag

  • Clean thermoelectric technology (no CFCs) Instant cooling
  • Easy to wear
  • Super silent (extremely low noise and vibration)
  • Three level control switch for individual comfort
  • Three cooling levels

Battery : Rechargeable lithium polymer 3.7V 3000mAh

Charger : Type C cable with charge indication

Product weight : 120 gm/4.2 oz

Temperature range : 8°C to 25°C /47°F to 77°F

System run time : 2 hours to 3 hours 30 minutes

Battery charging time : 3 hours 15 minutes

Size : Medium- 5.75″ to 7″ , Regular – 7″ to 8.5″

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