Testimonial Category: Fitness

Christen Wags

Overheating is often my limiting factor in workouts, which negatively affects my performance. I have had several heat-related injuries in the past from military training

Elijah EZ Muhammad

Training in my dhamaUSA band! Trying to push hard and stay cool! It is crazy how simple the dhamaSPORT is and well it works, I

Christopher Negoescu

Love it. Awesome WOD tonight and so happy with my dhamaUSA cryoband. This new technology is amazing. I’ve been using my dhamaUSA band for four

Diana Greene

I have used the band twice. My first time was during a barbell strength class wear I wore it the entire time. This is not

James Townsend

I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t try the DhamaSport, I can feel and see the difference, great stuff.

Kelvin Sheppard

I definitely feel the difference after [the first half of my workout; the dhamaSPORT helps me recover fast for the second half.

Erik Gundersen

I recently competed in the NorCal Masters and had the opportunity to check out the dhamaSPORT recovery band. I have to admit I was a

Danielle Szpindorc

I love the recovery band. I use during my workouts and for a quick recovery. I have seen a huge difference in my workouts when